Have you ever asked yourself,
"What is the best scratching post for my cat?"
If so, you may have just found your answer.

Best Cat Scratching Post

Running a cat sanctuary, we have gone through many a scratching post over the years, as you can imagine. The most common problem we've encountered is the dislodging of the rope around the post, making the cats disinterested in using it. With USA-made Purrfect Post's sisal woven technique, there is no rope involved, so this issue is completely alleviated.

scratching post review "I am NOT a happy happy cat!"

No More Tip-Overs

Short, lightweight scratching posts have a tendency to tip over, so we've noticed our cats rarely use them. Some of our cats are not "lightweights" themselves, so when they attempt to scratch on a small post, it wobbles and then bam - down it goes. With a look of distain, the cat promptly marches around the downed post, never to try it again.

Since cats absolutely need scratching posts to make them happy, the best ones are tall, sturdy and heavy-duty. Purrfect Post's well-built creations are just that - nice and strong.

Horizontal Scratcher - The Purrfect Angle

Some cats prefer to scratch on a flat or slightly inclined surface. That's where The Purrfect Angle is an ideal choice, which allows kitty to scratch horizontally. Cased in a wooden frame offered in a nice selection of colors, The Purrfect Angle has a removable rear leg to allow a flat placement on the floor. Plus, you have a choice of either dense, corrugated material or a sisal option. Gone are the days of having to vacuum shredded pieces of cardboard scattered around the house!

Big Kitty? Try the Mondo

This 39-inch tall scratching post will suit extra-large kitties. It's like none other you may have ever encountered. Your Bengal, Maine Coon or Savannah cat will say "Thank Mew" for this big guy.

The Mondo


Additional PAWsitive Features:

  1. Money back guarantee
  2. Replacement parts available
  3. Free 100% organic Happy Catnip included with all orders
  4. Attractive enough for we egotistical humans to happily incorporate into our household furnishings

But don't take our word for it.

See what the cats think about Purrfect Post's Combo:
This is an investment you'll want to make for your cat's well-being: products that will be around for probably at least nine lives!

If you'd like to buy one or more of these wonderful cat scratching posts, go to www.PurrfectPost.com, and purchase directly from the manufacturer, the veterinarian who developed these remarkable products.

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