Special Events

Purradise Ranch is proud to have participated in kitten adoption events at
Bonnie's Barkery in Cave Creek, AZ and Cookies -N- Clean in Anthem, AZ

Kitten Adoptions



A Celebration of Life and Tribute

to Joanne & Chuck Smith, 7/14/13


Joanne Bell Smith was instrumental in the creation of Purradise Ranch. When Priscilla met her via Trap-Neuter-Return work, Chuck had just passed away, and Joanne was in stage 4 of breast cancer.  She was frantic, trying to find a way to save their 45+ rescued cats.  Since Priscilla's dream had always been to have a cat sanctuary, this was a dream come true for both of them.  The day the offer of purchasing the property was accepted (meaning Priscilla, Felix and Roz could take Joanne and Chuck's beloved kitties) turned out to also be Joanne's birthday.  Purradise Ranch was truly meant to be!


Inspired by Chuggie, Joey and Dunkie

Not now.
Stop that.
You're too heav---squish! oomph!
Did you grow up in a barn?
Not now, I said.
Please retract your claws.
Don't pet Mommy with your claws.
Don't sit on Mommy's head.
Mommy loves you, too. Now takes your claws out.
Eat this you, ungrateful weasel.
Quit jumping on my artwork.
Don't run away when I sing.
Not NOW.
It's not your turn.
Wait for your turn.
Quit biting your brother's ear.
Did you have to barf there?
Don't bite Mommy's toes. It's not funny.
Please don't chew the new Venetian Blinds.
No, no, no, not NOW.
Why did you do that?
Why did you tip over your water bowl?
What don't you like canned food?
What's the matter with you?
Please don't walk in between and make Mommy tri---- Aarrrgh! Thud.
Joanne Bell Smith